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Blue Butterfly Cremation Urn

$ 149.00 USD

About the Blue Butterfly Cremation Urn

This blue and pewter cremation Urn is not only eye-catchy but is also environment-friendly as it does not disrupt the Mother Nature. The Blue Butterfly Cremation Urn carries a deep meaning and has been finely handcrafted to perfection. The butterflies present on this memorial Urn depict deep and powerful representations of life. This standard sized Cremation Urn can be kept in your living area or can also be kept hidden from others in a safe place. The use of solid brass in this adult Urn makes sure that the cremated remains are safely preserved for years.

More about the Blue Butterfly Cremation Urn
The blue color is often used for depicting calmness and this is one of the main reasons why this Cremation Urn has been painted with a calm blue and pewter color. The ultimate visual of this burial Urn is not only eye-catchy but is also soul-soothing. By keeping the cremated remains in the Blue Butterfly Cremation Urn you are actually praying for the calm afterlife of your loved one. The color of the Urn is blue and pewter and it has been coated with a final lacquer coating that adds up more to the brilliant handcraft. This brass Urn will perfectly fit the theme of your living area as well, so if you want to keep the memories of your loved ones around you, then place this beautifully handcrafted Cremation Urn at your living area or any other place where you can see it daily.  

Environment-Friendly Urns for human ashes
Previously many people used to use conventional caskets to bury the cremated remains. This method was not considered to be much environment-friendly. The Cremation Urns were made in order to make a balance between both your tribute and nature. You can either bury this Cremation Urn or can also keep it at your house. This Cremation Urn comes with a top opening having a threaded lid and a felt bottom. If you want to keep the entire cremated remains, then this Cremation Urn will accommodate it with ease, as the capacity of this Cremation Urn is ample enough. You will also get a beautiful velvet bag with every purchase of this Cremation Urn.

Product Details


Standard Adult Urn


10” High


200 Cu inch


Blue and Pewter


Solid Brass


Top opening with a threaded lid

Engraving Options


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