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Tea Lights Cremation Urn

Tea light Cremation Urns - A Perfect Space to Hold Cremains under the light of a Votive Candleholder

Crafted with elegance and dedication, the range of Tea light Cremation Urns offered by Memorials4u are one of the best ways to express your love and respect to the deceased. These art pieces make exquisite keepsake mementos, regardless of the funeral ritual you followed. Tea Light Urns are both functional and beautiful and allow you to keep the ashes of a loved one in your home in a very discreet manner. Simply put, these are cremation urns that do not look like one. Hence it does not draw the attention of the people visiting you.

How they are made?

Tea Light Urns for Human Ashes is divided into two chambers, top and bottom. The top portion is designed like a candle holder with a tea light insert sitting on it. It is generally made up of glass and has a screw-off top crafted with brass. The bottom portion of the urn has a compartment for securing around 18 to 20 cubic inches of cremains. So, the entire thing looks like a tea light holder with a study base that holds the ashes polished with lacquer for brilliance.

Tea Light Urns for Human Remains are comforting

Tea light cremation urns can help you a great deal when it comes to comforting your mind following a death in a family or the demise of a friend. Lighting candles in the memory of a deceased is not new; rather it is a widely accepted practice. Tea light urns allow you to light a candle right on the top of the cremains of a loved one, a soulful and thoughtful method to commemorate, indeed.

Just like the other cremation products offered by Memorials4u, Tea light cremation vessels are also available in a plethora of variants. Each and every tea light urn we offer is crafted with excellence and compassion.

An Important Remainder

Tea Light Urns for Burial Remains available with Memorials4u are keepsake cremation urns and don’t have the capacity to hold full amount of ash.