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Beige Starfish Biodegradable Sand Urn

$ 199.00 USD

Timeless and friendly to nature, this Beige Starfish Biodegradable Sand Urn For Human Ashes is made using premium quality sand and other sustainable materials. The two beautifully engraved starfish in dual-tone on the top of this adult urn for human ashes add more definition to it. Also, the starfish make this sand adult urn an ideal commemorating memento for a sea and seafood lover.

Our biodegradable cremation urns are the epitome of excellent craftsmanship and compassion and are handcrafted by expert artisans. Being a dignified choice for the final disposition of a loved one, these biodegradable urns for human ashes can be used in a number of ways.

Many families find it a good choice for memorial service or keeping at home while some choose biodegradable urns for water burial. Timeless and sturdy, the design of our biodegradable urn for water allows it to sink gracefully into the water. A biodegradable urn for sea burial or biodegradable cremation urns for water bodies other than sea are indeed a dignified option for people who were unconditional nature lovers. When you love someone, nothing else matters. Get a biodegradable adult urn for human ashes to commemorate the memories of a deceased loved one.

For planting a tree in the memory of a deceased loved one, biodegradable burial urns make the best choice. A biodegradable urn tree allows you to grow tree by planting a sapling in the urn while burying it. In fact, biodegradable cremation urns tree planting has come up as a very popular final disposition method. Planting biodegradable urns for ashes tree and see it grow in front of your eyes do makes the surviving members feel good, thus adding to the healing process.

Every biodegradable urns for ashes we craft, be it our biodegradable cremation urns sea burial one or ground burial, is timeless and sturdy.

Product Details:


Standard Biodegradable Sand Urn


8 x 11 cm


220 Cu inch (Room for a 220 Lbs. Person)





Engraving Options



 10 pounds



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