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Paw Inlaid Pet Urn for Ashes in Medium Size

$ 49.99 USD $ 110.00 USD

$ 49.99 USD $ 110.00 USD

Medium Sized Solid Hand Carved Paw Inlaid Pet Urn for Ashes, Custom Pet Urn with Paw Appliques, Brown Urn 

This Beautiful Rosewood Urn is carefully hand-carved to provide a elegant look and to conserve your precious memories. The Brass Paw Applique adds an elegant and unique look to the urn.

This urn comes with easy sliding bottom opening. Also available in size Large,Small and Extra small.


Color: Rosewood
Size:  7.5" L, 5" W, 3.75" H  
Capacity: 80 cu inch

Small:-  6" L, 4" W ,3" H Capacity : 30 cu inch

X Small :-  : 5" L, 3" W, 2" H Capacity : 10 cu inch approx