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Black Zebra Olpe Marble Urn - Large

From $ 39.00 USD - $ 199.00 USD

Onyx Kylix Marble Urn - Large

$ 39.00 USD
$ 350.00 USD

Onyx Olpe Marble Urn - Large

$ 39.00 USD
$ 350.00 USD

Cherish the memories of your loved one using elegant marble urns

Marble urns are being used since ages by people to store the cremated remains of the departed soul. Marble is an elegant material that carries a rich royal look alongside being strong and highly durable. Marble is known for its lustrous beauty that is sure to last a lifetime. Memorials4u offers marble cremation urns that are made using 100% pure and quality marbles, so you can safely use it for storing the cremated remains of the departed soul. Marble funeral urns are being used since ages and even today, it is the first choice of everyone who is looking for a beautiful and safe vessel to preserve the remains of the departed soul. Known for its timeless beauty, marble cremation urns for human ashes prove to be the best final resting place of your loved one. You can get a lot of options in terms of marble urns for ashes like elegant marble keepsake cremation, wooden cremation boxes, marble angel urns, and many more.

Though buying religious urns is a completely personal choice and varies from person to person, but there are a few things that remain consistent in every person’s checklist while buying marble cremation urns. Affordability, visually pleasing, quality product, and durability are some of the most common points that are included in every individual’s funeral urns buying guide. If you are planning to preserve the remains in your house, then nothing can be better than our everlasting marble urns for cremation ashes. You can also consider our elegant engraved urns as they explicitly carry a personalized touch that is sure to make your loved one rest in peace.

Marble urns are not only affordable but are also highly durable

You can usually find marble urns to be cost-effective than stone urns. Memorial urns can be made out of any material like paper, wood, marble, glass, pewter, and many more materials as well. Memorials4u offers you the largest collection of urns for human ashes at fair prices. All our offered products including stone cremation urns, burial vault, biodegradable urn, wood cremation urns, and others are made of supreme quality materials making them highly durable. We understand that arranging the cost of funeral arrangements can be difficult for some families; hence in order to lessen their burden a bit, we offer affordable cremation urns for adults, infants, and pets which are sure to match your budget.

Marble urns possess a rich appealing look that makes it an ideal choice for families who want to buy elegant funeral urns for ashes to preserve the remains of their loved ones in their house. The pricing for adult urns, infant urns, and pet burial urns depends on the material, size, and design of the product that you are going to purchase. Depending on the purpose of your purchase, you will surely find the perfect marble urns, stone urns, and other cremation vessels as well within your budget. Our brass urns are equally strong and beautiful and you can expect them to last them for years.

Why purchase marble urns from Memorials4u?

We not only offer quality marble urns at affordable prices but we also offer convenience and comfort to all your customers. All our products including purple urn, heart urn, wooden urns for human ashes, biodegradable cremation urns, and many others are finely handcrafted to perfection by skilled artisans. You are surely going to love the quality of each product being offered by us. You can also be entitled to the following benefits by purchasing marble urns or any other product from our online store.

  • Endless options to choose from
  • Free ground delivery to all locations of the United States
  • Easy return
  • Courteous customer support team
  • 100% safe and secure payment gateway channel
  • Fair pricing

Get various marble urn options to choose from

Losing a loved one is undoubtedly an unfortunate event that no one wants to encounter. In such a heart-wrenching situation it becomes difficult to make arrangements for the final rituals of the departed soul. Memorials4u makes sure that some part of your burden gets reduced with the help of our offerings. Arranging for quality metal cremation urns at affordable prices is a big challenge that is faced by many families. We offer a large range of cremation boxes for ashes that are sure to match your buying purpose. Starting from tealight urns to elegant purple cremation urns, heart keepsake urn to wooden urn box you will get everything on our online store. If you want to preserve the remains in special marble cremation urns then buy the one that closely matches your loved one’s interest, hobby or profession. Suppose, if you’re loved one was a proud member of the defense system then his remains deserves to be preserved in beautiful military urns. Similarly, if the departed soul loved fishing then you can buy fishing urns for safely preserving the remains.

Families either decides to bury the remains, scatter them or preserve them in their home. We offer marble urns, stone urns, and other vessels for all three purposes. We always make sure that none of our customers settle for less while purchasing the final resting place of their loved ones. Our skilled artisans have given special attention to even the smallest of details while crafting each product. Whether you check out our stone urns or cremation urns for burial, keepsakes for ashes or cremation vaults each of our product is unique in its own way and is equally alluring as well.  We also offer cremation jewelry like heart urn necklace for all those who want to preserve a small portion of the remains close to their heart as a memoir.

Customizable marble urns are always the best option

Everyone wants to commemorate the memories of their loved ones in a beautiful and respectful manner and nothing can be better than customizable marble urns in this regard. We offer a host of customizable marble cremation urns for adults, marble cremation urns for infants, and marble urns for pets as well. Whether you want their picture to be engraved on it or a special message, everything will be done according to your specifications. Customization helps in giving that personalized touch and the selected cremation urns for burial become a homely place for the departed soul.

Engraving and customization options are available in some of the listed infant urns for ashes, burial urns for human ashes, stone urns, and other marble urns as well. Over a period of time, the trend of preserving the cremated remains in personalized marble urns has increased considerably. You can also consider angel urns for human ashes instead of the customized ones, as they symbolize spirituality in the best way possible. All in all, you are never going to get short of options while purchasing cremation vessels and vaults from our online store.

Get the best customer service apart from getting quality marble urns from Memorials4u

A courteous customer support team often adds up more to quality products and makes it worth buying. Whether incorrect marble urns have been delivered to your doorsteps or the same has been damaged in transit, our dedicated customer support team will resolve all your concerns at the earliest. You can also expect easy returns with the replaced marble urns or other products to be delivered at a super fast speed. You will not only love the quality of our cremated vessels but will also love our service. Our team will try its best to offer you a seamless buying experience so that we manage to reduce your grief to a certain extent.