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Keep the memories of the departed soul alive with elegant Tea Lights Urns for Human Ashes

Tealight urns are small cremation vessels that can be used to hold a small portion of the remains and also comes with a small candle holding space on the top. Tealight keepsake urns are beautifully crafted and possess a rich look. When families decide to go ahead with the cremation process over traditional burial, then you are left with two options i.e. either bury or scatter the remains or preserve them as a memoir. If the loved soul was equally respected by all family members, then you can distribute small portions of the cremated remains in beautiful tealight urns for human ashes and distribute the keepsakes accordingly. Many families prefer keepsakes for ashes as they require little space on your house mantle and also match your home décor perfectly. Memorials4u is a leading manufacturer, importer, and exporter of cremation vessels that is known to offer quality products at fair prices.

If you decide to bury the entire cremated remains in a burial ground then burial urns should be your ultimate choice. But for burying the remains in safe memorial urns you will also require burial vault that will protect the brass urn from the weight of heavy equipment that are run over burial grounds. If you’re loved one was very particular about looks, then our beautiful purple cremation urns would be the perfect resting place for your loved one. Our large collection includes adult urns, infant urns, and pet marble urns making our online store an ultimate destination for cremation vessels.

Tealight urns add meaning and life to the cremation vessels

Finding the right tealight urns requires a lot of effort and time. Tealight urns for ashes are special and unique as they have a small handle holding place on the top. You can light a candle daily on that tealight metal cremation urn and pray for the soul to rest in peace. The burning candle will act as a comforter for the family members and will add meaning to the cremation vessel. In order to give a personalized touch, you can also buy tealight engraved urns. We also offer cremation jewelry like heart urn necklace that allows you to keep a small portion of the cremated remains close to your heart. Tealight urns are made using various materials, colors, and designs that are sure to match your buying checklist. Over a period of time, tealight religious urns have gained much popularity amongst families as they found tealight marble cremation urns to be more useful than other cremation vessels.

If you don’t wish to preserve the remains and decide to bury them then our beautifully handcrafted burial urns for human ashes would serve your purpose. You can also consider buying stone urns as they have a sturdy body and are sure to safely preserve the remains for years. If you want a natural looking urn, then you can check out our wood cremation urns range. Each offered cremation urns for adults, infants, and pets are made using modern artistry techniques and attention has been given to even the smallest of details.

Why purchase Tealight urns from Memorials4u?

Memorials4u is known to offer the largest online collection of cremation vessels including cremation urns for burial, biodegradable cremation urns, cremation boxes, and many others. You can get the following benefits by purchasing cremation vessels from our online store.

  • Option to choose from a large range
  • Quality products at fair prices
  • Easy return
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Pay a special tribute to your loved one with sophisticated tealight urns

Everyone wants to pay a regal tribute to their loved one and memorialize it in the best way possible. Tealight urns are not only visually appealing but are also highly durable. The best part of tealight cremation urns for human ashes is the small place it offers as a candle holder. If you are a nature lover and don’t want to cause any damage to nature while scattering or burying the cremated remains, then choose a biodegradable urn that is made using 100% organic materials. Cremation boxes can also serve your purpose of safely preserving the cremated remains in a beautiful and respectful manner. You can also purchase urns matching the interest, profession or hobby of the departed soul. Our purple urn is perfect if you’re loved one was a lover of beautiful crafts whereas our military urns are suitable if the departed soul was a proud member of the defense system. Similarly, fishing urn is perfect if your loved one enjoyed fishing. The large collection at Memorials4u will make sure that none of our customers have to settle for less.

Apart from tealight urns, you can also consider heart keepsake urn, wooden urn box, angel urns, and many other cremation vessels available in our collection. Each available keepsake cremation urns are unique and are perfect to give a special and regal tribute to your loved one.

Comfort your family members with beautiful tealight urns

Tealight urns serve the best way to commemorate a loved one. Each time you light a candle on top of the tealight funeral urns for ashes a sense of satisfaction runs through all. It gives you a feeling that the loved soul is still present and is happy. Angel urns for human ashes can also be considered for preserving the remains as angels are known to be God’s messenger and nobody will be able to safely preserve the remains better than them. You can also check out our small heart urn, biodegradable infant urns for ashes, wooden urns for human ashes, cremation vaults, and other products as well because all our products are sure to serve your purpose.